Facility Friend is a web based Enterprise class software platform for managing visitors, creating visitor and employee badges and assisting security personnel in tracking packages, vehicles, and incidents.

The system allows users to manage an unlimited number of global sites within a single web tool. Each site can assign multiple entry points. For commercial multi-tenant users, visitors can be assigned to unlimited numbers of corporate clients within the site.

Facility Friend is designed for a large array of applications Including: security stations, residential concierge and gated communities, hospitalreception, commercial enterprises, and government facilities.

Facility Friend functions include:

  • Visitor Management
  • Creating employee and visitor Photo ID badges
  • Scheduling visitors with notification to their host of expected arrival
  • Creating lists of current visitors or visitors past expected departure times
  • Imposing bans and tracking unwanted visitors across the enterprise
  • Tracking Visitor Vehicles and license plates
  • Tracking incidents, vehicles and lost and found Items
  • Visitor Management

    The Facility Friend visitor management application begins with adding a list of employees/hosts.

    Visitors are assigned to hosts and a visit is created. VIsits can be pre-scheduled and the host will receive automatic notification that a visitor is expected.

    The system will create logs ofcurrent visitors, scheduled visitors, overdue visitors and a history of all visitors who have visited a facility. VIsitors can also be assigned temporary access cards for secure doors. Visitors who have been identified as unwelcome can be tagged as banned across the Enterprise.


    Facility Friend canimprove enrollment of visitors, the Issuance of employee badges and security by using passport, driver license and signature capture scanning technology.

    Photo ID

    Facility Friend has the ability to create full color ID cards fer both employees and visitors. The system supports all major brands of card printers to print either onto RFID cards or onto adhesive labels to attach to existing cards. For visitors, the system can print inexpensive visitor labels.

    Special Functions

    Facility Friend has a number of predefined special applications to assist In building management as well as the ability to create user defined fields.

    Package Tracking

    The Package Tracking function allows security to receive packages at reception for staff/hosts with tracking numbers and email notification.

    For high securlty facilities the system also has fields to track items brought into a facility by visitors and whether items being removed are authorized.

    Security Message Board

    Facility Friend the capability to create custom messages for security and reception personnel. Typical message types include Incident Reports to define incident types and create security logs and lost and found to track lost and found items or to to track items left at security by visitors.

    Other applications include tracking unregistered or improperly parked vehicles.

    Methods for Purchase

    As a web application VIscount provides ABC Vault as Software as a Service. Users simply log in to a secured server and are billed on a usage basis for the door images they design and/or storage if they choose to save the images for the long term.

    For Enterprise clients concerned about storing sensitive data with a 3rd party or on the Cloud, VIscount can provide ABC Vault as a software application to be loaded on either a dedicated web server or as software to be loaded on client hardware.

    For clients using the MESH/Freedom access control system, Facility Friend is loaded on all systems and can be activated using a software code.

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